Shore Up the Core


Core strength is critical for injury prevention in sports and asana, and it primes us to sit in meditation and enjoy yoga’s mental and spiritual benefits. But for true core strength, we need to be strong not just in the abdominal muscles or in the back but in both—and we need an appropriate balance of strength, front to back. Without strength in the muscles that support the spine, strength in the front is counterproductive. Sports, and sitting, can focus on the front to the detriment of the back.


Here’s a self-test to assess the state of your front-to-back core strength balance …..

Shore Up the Core.


About crystaldragon

Crystal Dragon is a tantric nickname. I practice Tantra Yoga from 2002. I have read many books of ancient civilizations including Ancient Greeks, Hinduism, Taoism, Bhuddism. From 2002 i follow Tantic spiritual path and i live happily transmitting the message of erotic soul love in any corner of the planet earth !!! Namaste !
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