Dakini Devi Bliss

Trapped in tomb-like textiles, exiling your flesh from experiencing the natural environment? Are you atrophying your epidermis, senses and neuro-intelligence?

Put a plaster cast on a broken arm and your skin starves for Vitamin D and muscles weaken from strangled range of motion, leaving the nerve synapses to depress to a smidgen of their former joy.

When you shroud your entire skin palette except for face, neck and hands, you obliterate symbiosis with Earth.

Enjoy some naked time today!

via Dakini Devi Bliss.


About crystaldragon

Crystal Dragon is a tantric nickname. I practice Tantra Yoga from 2002. I have read many books of ancient civilizations including Ancient Greeks, Hinduism, Taoism, Bhuddism. From 2002 i follow Tantic spiritual path and i live happily transmitting the message of erotic soul love in any corner of the planet earth !!! Namaste !
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