Deep Bow, Lalita Devi – Maha Tripura Sundari


Feel the primal pulse of the Goddess ~ the source of all becoming, the Lady of the place of beginning of time ~ beating deep within you.

Harmonize your Heart with hers ~ with the Center of the Universe itself.

Rest free and easy in the Warmth of her boundless Love.

~Sharron Rose

Photo: Monika Nataraj by Devansh Jhaveri


Tripurasundari is called Lalita or “She who plays.”

The entire universe exists for the delight of awareness, which is the play of the Divine Mother.

Creation arises in joy, and returns to joy. We are but transient figures in her eternal play, who have yet to understand the source of the energy that moves us.

Our sorrow and suffering is a delusion, a misconception born of ignorance and the ego. Because we attempt to control or possess joy from the standpoint of the separate self, we divide ourselves from true joy which is universal.

The Goddess, as the image of joy, shows us the way out of our error, which is not to deny ourselves happiness but to discover the true happiness that we seek, which is in being one with all.

Lalita awakens the receptive soul to the bliss that underlies all things.

Lalita is the deity of the Shri Chakra, the great yantra or energy pattern which underlines the entire universe.

Dr. David Frawley

via Dakini Dance ૐ Awakening the Goddess Within.


About crystaldragon

Crystal Dragon is a tantric nickname. I practice Tantra Yoga from 2002. I have read many books of ancient civilizations including Ancient Greeks, Hinduism, Taoism, Bhuddism. From 2002 i follow Tantic spiritual path and i live happily transmitting the message of erotic soul love in any corner of the planet earth !!! Namaste !
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