Dakini Devi Bliss

The Path to Sexual Healing and Wellness…Both counsellors specialized in sexual dysfunction and Sacred Sexuality teachers are qualified to facilitate sexual healing. In either case, a solid background in the psychology of trauma is required. At the same time, one’s intimate partner can learn some intimacy and communication exercises to help facilitate the healing process.

Inherent hazards exist in a partner acting as the sole healer, rather than a therapist. If all goes well, the healer often becomes an object of transference. Thus, the client believes their newly found awakening is inseparably attached to the healer. On the other hand, if deep wounds surface, and a partner is aiding the healing process, the sexual therapy receiver may project some deep-rooted pain and unresolved anger onto their beloved. Clearly, this could irrevocably harm or even destroy their relationship. A mixture of transference and projection can also take place.

Precautions must be taken to avoid the inherent pitfalls of sexual therapy. Yet, avoiding transference and projection cannot be guaranteed. Indeed, in Tantra, it’s not uncommon for a client to become attracted and/or to tantric educator. This attraction is deemed a natural progression in the client’s awakening process. If both parties are responsible, it can become invaluable in deepening the client and therapist.mutual trust.

Dakini Devi Bliss

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About crystaldragon

Crystal Dragon is a tantric nickname. I practice Tantra Yoga from 2002. I have read many books of ancient civilizations including Ancient Greeks, Hinduism, Taoism, Bhuddism. From 2002 i follow Tantic spiritual path and i live happily transmitting the message of erotic soul love in any corner of the planet earth !!! Namaste !
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  1. These happen a lot and manifest in the “twin” soul concept where two awaken at the same time and thus believe the universe has somehow paired them. This happened to me and the fact that the person I was connected to lived in another country and was someone I had never met made it all the more plausible that this was the universe. Instead, the law of attraction and karma played into what became an unfolding mystery that became known. This place can often be a trap unfortunately for the fact many do not understand what is truly at work. Soul connection. Very profound, but also self reinforcing of those projected and mirroring issues that are in common….which is why doing ones own work alone or w a neutral teacher healer may be best. Maybe we just need to develop a good way to tune these relationships so they can help instead of hinder.

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