Facebook, Dakini Devi Bliss: Never limit yourself

Dakini Devi Bliss

Never limit yourself as you merely create false illusions. Once you limit yourself, you further separate yourself from your truth. The Divine is unlimited. Each time you limit your Self, you fall deeper asleep. You also never need leave this space as this natural state of being can be accessed whenever you wish. You may need to undertake some inner healing to dismiss any limiting beliefs or illusions that have kept you asleep.



About crystaldragon

Crystal Dragon is a tantric nickname. I practice Tantra Yoga from 2002. I have read many books of ancient civilizations including Ancient Greeks, Hinduism, Taoism, Bhuddism. From 2002 i follow Tantic spiritual path and i live happily transmitting the message of erotic soul love in any corner of the planet earth !!! Namaste !
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