The Mystery of Yoni Puja, Yoni Gazing and Yoni Meditation

The Mystery of Yoni Puja, Yoni Gazing and Yoni Meditation

art yoni
Yoni art by Christina Campenhausen.

Yoni Puja is worship par excellence.  By omitting it, every other puja is rendered useless. For this present Yuga the part of Sakthi’s body worshiped is the Yoni. Thus, Devi is worshiped only with regards to her Yoni. For more than 6,000 years, this oldest Tantra path was hidden and lost. This path even outdates knowledge of the Shiva Lingam, which is the main icon, Shaivism.

The yoni is as a temple in which the female’s divine essence (her soul) can be worshipped. The yoni is the gateway by which we may join with our sexual partner to experience oneness with the God essence or Goddess essence.
The Shiva Lingam represents the cosmic principles. In Tantra, Shiva symbolizes the consciousness, and Sakthi symbolizes the energy or principle behind the manifested Universe. They are the cosmic couples who are inseparably united as Brahman, the absolute. They also represent the essence of each human being. Shiva is the third member of the trinity, Brahma the creator, Vishnu the sustainer and Shiva the destroyer. The Shiva Lingam’s base is the Yoni with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva within it. This is a clear representation of the power of Sakthi. She as Aathi Para Sakthi is the creator of all, the Gods and human and all the three worlds.
Until today, most Hindu women do not recognize that Brahma and Vishnu reside within Her Yoni. They only see Shiva’s Lingam exposed. Few question the symbol’s real meaning. For most, praying to the Shiva Lingam means praying to Lord Shiva. Those who know do not discuss it.

Female beauty involves the beauty of a woman ‘s heart and yoni as One.  The Holy Mass of the Vagina or Pundai can be done using a YANTRA, a symbolic representation of the vulva or real female form. The pundai puja done using yantra does not produce the same effects as yoni puja done using a real human vagina.
Yoni puja and linga puja Worship of the genitals takes place in tantric yoga schools. This  occurs in the form of floral or food offerings to the sex organs of a live man or woman, a statue of a deity, or a simple effigy that symbolizes the yoni (vulva) or lingam (penis).

The Tantric ceremonial worship of the female genitals is called the yoni puja.

The mysterious, hidden yoni is soft, receptive and embracing and a woman’s most feminine part.   In Tantra, a woman’s yoni is seen as not only erotic but also magical. Great wisdom and potential for healing can be found in yoni, a Sanskrit word for sacred place. Tantrics viewed that power as the source of all creative action. Unlike Western traditions, Tantrics did not view female sexuality as passive; rather, they regarded female orgasm as the energizing Cosmic principle.
The yoni embodies the entire female genital system (uterus, vagina, vulva). Using the word yoni affords an opportunity to reclaim the sanctity and power of our female Goddess sexuality.

A woman’s yoni has been worshipped worldwide. However,  In India, the yoni is worshipped as the sacred symbol of the Divine Feminine, Great Goddess, source of life and Universal Womb. Entire sects are based upon yoni worship, also called Yoni Puja.

The yoni is as a temple in which the divine sexual/spiritual essence of a woman can be worshipped.
The yoni is the gateway by which we may unite with her sexual partner to experience Oneness with the God essence or Goddess can be found.
Yoni means sacred place in Sanskrit. In Tantric yoga the female yoni is viewed as both erotic and magical, deemed a place of wisdom and healing. The yoni is the gateway through which sexual partners may experience Cosmic oneness. It is a temple in which the divinity of a woman may be worshipped. In some systems, there is a yoni chakra solely concentrated on female pleasure.


Both Yoni and Lingam gazing are wonderfully meditative experiences. Sit and gaze at the lovely Yoni and lose your Self in its texture, life force and  colour.  Just breathe in its awesomeness, blessing your beloved with the gift of honouring that sacred part of her anatomy and essence.
A hard-wired mammalaian brain circuit flips us into alpha states when when we look at a yoni. By natural design, it is the most powerful of all yentas.

yoga goddess
Achieving Inner Peace in Daily Life…Are you leading a stressful, chaotic life? What is  stealing your entire attention, draining you of positive or high-vibrational energy?  In our increasingly complex society, finding true inner peace is akin to finding a desert oasis. 
Methods to experience inner peace and disconnect from a hectic daily routine follow.
  • Accept What is…There is only so much you can affect. What you cannot change or  influence should not concern you. So many focus and malinger on what they lack control over. Why worry about something that all the worry on earth cannot change? Why care about what others think of you when you are unsure about what they are actually thinking?
  • Still the Mind..Not only is meditation a great way of quieting the mind, it is also a vital activity that can change your life. However, not everyone wants to meditate or knows how. Meditating for just 10 minutes a day can have an enormous impact on every area of your life. If you have much on your mind and your thoughts seem to be driving you crazy, meditation can help you find inner peace. To quiet the mind simply close everything, sit back, shut your eyes and clear your mind of every single thought. Focus on the emptiness. Surprisingly, a mere 10 minutes of stilling the mind can turn things around for you.
  • Spend Time in NatureSpending so much time confined in buildings obliterates our memory of our inherent humane nature. It is natural for humans to be in nature, which is why it feels so peaceful to walk in a park, cycle on a forest trail or watch the ocean waves roll in. Watching is stillness and observing nature nurtures us in body, mind and soul. We naturally attune to the rhythm of the seasons and vibration of Mother Gaia.
  • Practice Your Smile Power…Whenever you laugh or smile, something happens on a chemical level to make you feel better, and stress and negativity are prevented from entering your psyche. Laughter yoga is a brilliant tool to use as a pattern interrupt. A simple smile can make such a huge difference. You quickly realize that peace finds its way much more easily into you when you smile and take yourself lightly
  • See the Big PictureIf you are so consumed with your own problems, you can longer see the forest from the trees. Remind yourself that the Cosmos is infinite and immeasurable. Read up about other countries, cultures or religions. The world does not revolve around your problems. Put your life into perspective and offer prayers of condolence for all those killed yearly across the globe in war and natural disasters.  This puts your cares into perspective. Looking beyond yourself is essential in finding inner peace.
  • Care about Others without Becoming a Rescuer.  Inner peace is hard to find when being self-consumed and only worrying about your own needs When you begin to genuinely care about others, miracles happen. However, choose to be empathetic, not compassionate.  Empathy is putting yourself in another’s shoes and treating them as you would wish to be treated. It brings with it infinite patience and grace. Compassion can easily turn into rescuer behaviour   Not only is such behaviour insidious  it may lead you to try fixing another, which besides being the height of arrogance, just distracts you from your own inner peace. An act of random kindness and goodwill lets you ease your way towards inner peace.
  • Embrace Hope…Hope is what lightens your life. With hope you always have a path towards inner peace. Whenever overwhelmed within your own life, you may forget that hope. You may forget that the sun always shines after a rainy day and that this rough patch is merely a bump in the road. With hope, whatever seems terrible you know to be temporary and soon enough, life will be fine again. This lifts all negativity and gross vibrational energy from your entire being, so you can quickly feel back in tune.
  • Discover your Beliefs and Values…Whatever your belief system, embrace it with your entire being. When you are living fully within your faith, inner peace will find its way into your heart. Having a solid, healthy belief and value system builds the type of conscience that can guide you towards inner peace and wisdom. Studies show that spiritual devotees have a higher life expectancy and are less prone to diseases like cancer and coronary artery disease. The greater the inner peace you experiences serves to boost the quality of life.
  • Commit to Your Self…Constant worrying about not having all the answers is one of life’s major stressors Accept that your knowledge is limited and embrace a mindset of perpetual learning. Take great joy in learning new things, aware that you are growing daily in your spiritual journey  Thus, you will find yourself closer to experiencing true inner peace.
  • Live in the Here and Now…Mostly, people worry about past events or a possible future that has not happened. Living in the here and now erases all such thoughts. Why worry about a past event you cannot change or future scenario that may not occur?  Just focus on today in the present moment.
  • Breathe…Breathing is the only bodily function done either completely unconsciously or consciously. It can be voluntary or involuntary and thus governed by two distinct sets of muscles and nerves, depending on the mode in use. Each set of muscles and nerves can fully drive and manage the system. Thus, the breath has this unique characteristic that enables it to affect the involuntary nervous system. It is the only human bodily function that can do this.

Recommended Reading:   The Path to Tranquillity by the Dalai Lama: Daily Wisdom

via The Mystery of Yoni Puja, Yoni Gazing and Yoni Meditation.


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